Creative writing scholarships

Those of you who have the gift of bringing words alive to the extent they figuratively reach across the page and touch the reader are blessed. If you are currently enrolled in college or planning on attending, it more likely than not that you are seeking a way to help make the whole experience of achieving your academic goals more affordable. It is very likely a driver as to why you came to this website. Seeking scholarships to help you defray the costs of your education is very much worthy of your time. We are going to talk a bit about Creative Writing Scholarships and what they are and how you can position yourself to successfully bring home the bacon. But before we talk about how you can leverage your writing skills to raise money for college, lets focus a moment on a very meaningful question. Specifically, which scholarships should you focus on first and why? The simple answer is to focus on what I like to describe as the LOW HANGING FRUIT. Those are scholarships that are not necessarily requiring you to employ your creative writing talents, but rather scholarships that require very little time to apply for and which cost you nothing. But most importantly, they require very little of your time. Indeed, when it comes to qualifying for scholarships, the rules of the game you must learn are applying for many scholarships and becoming creative in doing this in an efficient way. We discuss this and more throughout our website, so be sure to explore.

No Hassle and Free $10,000 Scholarships!

Some of the better no hassle scholarships that do not have an essay writing requirement or a minimum GPA are offered by the following organizations. And its free! There is no cost to register. So before you start plugging away at churning out those essays needed for many scholarships, take a couple of minutes and get your name in the running for these education offers!

Free $10,000 Scholarship: No essay is needed. no registration fee. And no way you should pass up on this free opportunity

Scholarship Zone: Here is yet another excellent offering. It takes about two minutes to go through the registration process. They also offer $10,000 scholarships periodically so be sure to check it out before the next expiration date elapses.
Scholarships For Moms: A very similar offering as the previous two. There is no reason why you can’t get help to pay those steep tuition expenses.

Getting Creative with Scholarships!

We discussed the importance of focusing first on the low hanging fruit and the free $10,000 scholarship offerings certainly fall within that category. But another important tactic you should employ in raising money for your college education is playing to your strength. And if that strength is writing, then by all means you should take a long look at scholarships that cater to that strength. The essay component of a scholarship is not always the most important element unless the scholarship itself is targeted at those who have better than average writing skills. These types of scholarships may look for you to write a lengthy essay on some topic in order to evaluate your writing skills. The scholarship could be looking for you to compose a poem. Or the scholarship could be looking for you to submit a fictional story or short story. Whatever the case may be, after you have spent some time combing through the various scholarship offerings out there, it will become readily apparent which scholarships are focused on your writing skills as opposed to other criteria such as academic performance.

Now you may be excited to find these types of scholarships that tap into your creative writing skills and we will certainly point you in the direction of some of these offerings, but it is very important you expand your list of scholarship leads to a much wider swath of offerings. This is not to suggest that your writing skills may be lacking. To the contrary, as I mentioned, you probably came to this website because you are a talented writer. But it is exceptionally important that you understand what we call the Principle of Many. Basically, what we are saying here is that to be successful in the science of qualifying for scholarships, you must adopt this Principle. You may be thinking, what is he talking about? The “science of qualifying for scholarships”? What does that mean you may ask? Well, while your writing talents can be better described as a practice of the “arts”, make no mistake, qualifying for scholarships has more to do with science. In a way, it’s a numbers game. You apply for 10 scholarships and maybe you win one. Hence, the “Principle of Many” paves your way to success. Apply for many scholarships of all types.

Ready To Do Some Writing!

As promised, here are some scholarships that call upon your considerable creative writing talents. Check them out and check out the rest of our website for other scholarships, grants, and education awards as there are literally thousands and thousands and thousands of opportunities out there.

Ruth Lilly Poetry Scholarships

Al Neuharth Free Spirit Scholarship