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There is something magical about putting words on a page and bringing them to life. When you stop to think about it, writers practice the art of taking abstract markings and symbols, then structuring and composing these abstractions into a written form that others can view and discern meaning. It is strange indeed when one stops to think about what we as writers really do. Some are more gifted at it than others in that they are able to take these abstract symbols we call letters and compose them in such a way that beauty and grace can emerge in the form of what we call a poem or in another example the finished product can speak to us in the form of a highly entertaining fictionalized story. This is the craft of a writer. All of us are writers, though some are better at the craft than others.

Scholarships for writers is what this article is about. But it would be incomplete if we did not explore the essence of the craft of writing and urge you to continue to sharpen your writing talents as they will serve you well when you put your efforts into securing a scholarship. Scholarships in some ways are a celebration of those of you who consider yourself a good writer. As you have probably already learned, parts of the scholarship qualifying process entails being able to write clearly and overlooking nothing. But its more than. Being a recipient of a scholarship may very well mean that you have been asked to prepare a sample of your writing talents in the form of an essay or perhaps a short story. Not all scholarships are targeted at those who wish to work as a writer, editor, journalist, or similar vocation. Scholarships come in all flavors and those that take the least amount of your time I characterize as free scholarships. They free you of your time and they cost nothing to apply for. If your objective is to raise some funds for your college education, then you would want to get into the running for these gems. Examples of these include:

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Attention Writers: Scholarships Just For You!

Since your curiosity brought you here, I think it is appropriate to explore those scholarships that are aimed at individuals who enjoy the gift of taking abstractions and breathing life into these symbols. It is indeed a curious vocation when you think of it in that way. A writer can spend his or her time thinking abstractly about what it is they wish to discuss in a written format. Then after some time upon which the gears of the mind have churned away, a writer takes the abstractions of the mind and commits them to paper or other mediums. In effect, it is a process of taking a mental abstraction, something that does not really exist except in the recesses of one’s mind, and then transferring the thought on to paper (which is something concrete by the way) or more often into a machine we call a computer. What is ultimately produced is a series of symbols, all abstract in terms of the meaning that each symbol conveys. If one aligns enough of these symbols, language emerges. We take it for granted, but it is indeed a fascinating process that unfolds. Another thing some of us take for granted is the notion that scholarships are difficult to receive and that scholarships whether they be targeted for writers or not, are few and far between. That notion is wrong. There are many thousands of scholarships and grants awarded each year. Many billions of education awards of all types are given out to students. One of the best ways you can use this website is to explore the hundreds of scholarships, grants, an education awards that we share with you. So feel free to review other articles and the displayed education offerings.

So while you do not want to limit your scholarship search to just those types of scholarships that are primed for those who wish to pursue the writing craft, you certainly do not want to ignore the many offerings that match up with your desired vocation. Let’s explore some of these offerings now and be sure to check out the rest of our website for new leads!