Writing Scholarships For High School Students

Scholarships come in all types and sizes. As you embark on your journey in pursuit of your college degree, you need to take into account that the cost of attending a public college or university is growing annually. The good news is that there are many avenues you can pursue to raise money to cover tuition, books, room and board. Many billions of dollars are awarded each year to students seeking to expand on their education. While writing scholarships is one category, do not limit yourself to just those offerings. Indeed, an effective strategy is to seek the “low hanging fruit” in the scholarship market. It will help you with understanding the best tactics and identifying many hundreds of scholarships that are a good fit for you. Before we get into those scholarships that fall within the “writing” category, lets pay a visit to the scholarship offerings that are free to register for and take very little of your time (i.e. Low Hanging Fruit). Given that the scholarship race is largely a numbers game, you owe it to yourself to get you name in the running. See below for details!

High School Students Take Note: Free $10,000 Scholarships!

Free $10,000 Scholarships: This educational scholarship offering provides you with an opportunity to register for a drawing to win $10,000. It’s pretty simple and straightforward and takes only about two minutes.

Scholarship Zone: This offering is also geared to college bound students. It is essentially a no hassle way to better your chances of raising funds for your college education. There is no essay requirement, nor do you need to post a minimum GPA.
Scholarships for Moms: Yet another offering you ought to take a close look at. Winners are declared throughout the year and receive $10,000 to help with their college expenses.

Scholarships for High School Students Who Enjoy Writing!

When you read our articles, you will learn certain Principles that can lead to you successfully securing multiple scholarships. We have already introduced the idea around leveraging the “low hanging fruit”. There are some scholarships that take little time to apply for and others that may be a specific fit for you. Another principle you will learn about is what we call the “Principle of Many”. Think of the qualification and award process for a scholarship as a battle you are waging. The more troops you have (i.e. scholarship applications submitted), the greater the chances are that you will win the battle (i.e. being awarded a scholarship). What you don’t want to do is settle for just one scholarship. So in that regard, it is in your best interest to apply for many scholarships. One of the common mistakes many people make is thinking that they can’t be awarded a scholarship or just applying for a handful. Your mission, if you should choose to accept it, is to apply for many types of scholarships, grants, and education awards. In this way, you improve your chances.

One of the talents and advantages you bring to the battle is your ability to write well. Many scholarships call for you to write an essay or a short story or perhaps a poem. Whatever the case may be, you want to leverage your writing skills. So when the time arrives for you to wage the Scholarship Battle and it’s to your advantage to do so while you are student in High School, you should play to your strength. Here at our website, “Writing Scholarships”, we try to provide you with many scholarship and education award leads. Just explore the face of our website and you will see many choices. In each of our articles we also focus on what is best described as Writing Scholarships. So let’s take a tour of a few right now and feel free to check out the rest of our website for other leads!

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