Free Scholarships: Writers Take Notice!

College bound students who have a penchant for writing find themselves in an advantageous position. To leverage your chances of being awarded scholarships, it literally pays to be a good writer. Many scholarships require an essay, hence your writing skills come in handy. Some scholarships are specifically targeted at those who have mastered the art of writing and to individuals who seek to work in that career field. Throughout this website we will introduce you to a wide array of scholarships and show you how to qualify for top scholarships. So those who love writing, pay heed. There are plenty of scholarships aimed at your skill set. And we will talk about some of those. But to raise funds for college…to be awarded scholarships, it’s imperative you employ strategy. One of the first things you should focus on is tapping into the Low Hanging Fruit. Specifically, applying for those scholarships that require the least amount of your time. Let’s take a quick look at these opportunities!
Free $10,000 Scholarship: no application, or essay is required. These scholarships are awarded throughout the year. The registration process takes about 2 minutes.
Scholarship Zone: a similar offering which is geared at college or college bound students. Though your writing skills may be supreme, there is no need to submit an essay. Check on the scholarship deadline to be sure you don’t miss out.
Scholarships for Moms: this $10,000 scholarship is geared to help those mothers who are in college or seeking to go to college. It’s a no hassle, quick way of potentially raising funds for your college education.

Tap into the Scholarship Treasure Chest With Your Writing Talents!

Whether you are going to college to ultimately pursue a career in writing, journalism, a related degree or any degree for that matter, a couple of things should be noted. Having an interesting in writing or possessing strong writing skills (or both) prepares you well for the Scholarship Hunt. If you seek to further your education by attending college and carve out a pathway to your desired career field, it is imperative you understand the scholarship process. By now, you are probably well aware of the soaring costs of attending college. Most likely, you came to this website to gain some ideas on how you can successfully play to one of your strengths (i.e. writing skills) in the quest to raise money to cover college expenses. Indeed, the sooner you start thinking of the scholarship award process as a quest, the better it will be for you and your chances of being awarded not just one scholarship, but potentially many.

Begin With The End in Mind!

One of your end goals it to graduate from college. By most people’s time lines, that could take up to 4 to 5 years. Each year, you will be faced with college expenses and therefore every year is an opportunity for you to qualify for scholarships. That’s right! Taking the time to identify and apply for college scholarships is not just one of those activities you perform prior to college. Unless you are independently wealthy, applying for scholarships should be a year in and year out process throughout the time you are pursuing your academic studies. So in that regard, you should begin with a mindset that recognizes that there are literally many billions of dollars available in scholarship, grants, and other related education awards. You have already demonstrated, given the fact that you are reading this, that you are unique and are amenable to seeking out ideas on how to pay for college. You would be surprised at the large number of students who make no or very little effort to identify scholarships and initiate the application process. Since you have taken the time to check out our website, we invite you to take a bit more time and review some of the articles we have written as our aim is to provide you with the knowledge and tools that will help you be successful in your quest for scholarship money. This website is set up to provide you with many, many ideas on how to raise money for your college education, how to successfully write winning essays, and what methods you should employ to maximize your chances of being awarded a scholarship.

It is Written: The More Scholarships the Better!

Earlier above, we discussed the importance of taking advantage of the Low Hanging Fruit which is essentially those scholarships that take the least amount of time to apply for. If you have not already registered for the free $10,000 scholarships, then take a couple of minutes and do so. The next important Principle you should employ is the “numbers game” strategy. Specifically, if you wish to significantly better your chances of being awarded a scholarship, it is important to understand that success is not solely about writing a great essay, though writing a good essay is meaningful. Nor is it necessarily about your class rank or GPA, or your athletic achievements. More often than not, the deciding factor on whether you are awarded a scholarship or scholarships is a function of how many you applied for. So, in that regard, it’s a numbers game. Typically, a rough estimation of the ratio of scholarship applications to an actual award of a scholarship is 10:1. So if your mindset is such that you planned on applying for 4 or 5 scholarships, then by all means, change your mindset. Set a minimum target of submitting 50 applications. As I am writing this, I suspect some folks may think WHAT??!! How will I ever accomplish that? I assure you, it is not anywhere near as difficult as you may think. I personally know individuals who have applied for close to 100 different scholarships and their results were outstanding.

We talk about what successful tactics you can employ in our articles throughout the website, but let’s just touch on a few right now. I have already pointed out three scholarships you can apply for right now (see above, “Free 10K Scholarships). But bear in mind, that is just the tip of the scholarship iceberg. Not only are there many scholarships that are targeted at those who are interested in the field of writing, but there are many, many thousands of scholarships and grants of all types. Some require an essay, some do not. Some are offered by schools, universities, public entities, private institutions, local organizations. Some are for very large sums of money and some are for just a few hundred dollars. One of the first things you should consider doing is forming a team. We call it a Scholarship Hit Squad. It can be just a couple of your friends who are also in college or planning to go to college. Essentially, your team is very much about identifying hundreds of scholarship and education award leads. What we are advocating is a divide and conquer strategy. While it’s not necessary to do in order to be successful, it is nonetheless a darn good idea and helps with maximizing your time.

Writing Scholarships Tailored For You!

It is exceptionally important you don’t limit your scholarship search to just those types of scholarships targeted at students who are interested writing, publishing, and related arts and humanities fields. But it is very much to your advantage to identify as many scholarships that fall into those categories just referenced above because of the obvious match with your talents, academic and career goals. To that end, here are some scholarship offerings you should find intriguing. Be sure to visit the rest of our website for more writing scholarship leads as well as the many other education award opportunities.

Scholastic Art and Writing Awards: One of the most prestigious education awards offered.

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