The Day I Saved a Girl’s Life November 21 2013

Okay maybe I’m being dramatic.

I really don’t mean to glorify myself, but it was a big day. Although it felt no less important than pulling someone from an oncoming train, here’s what really happened…

I was asked to give a career day talk to a class full of 6th graders. That’s right, I had to talk about organic tampons to a room full of 12 year old boys & girls.

I told them they were going to hear words like tampon and period and menstrual cycle and promised that we’d all survive. (spoiler alert: We did.)

As a sidenote: The second most rewarding thing that happened that day was getting the boys in the room to feel like the conversation pertained to them too. I told them, “When you want a girlfriend, if you can be the guy who doesn’t make her feel weird about this subject, you will be the coolest boyfriend.” I gave them ‘permission’ to be okay with it, and by the end they were asking to look at the box. (yeah, the pun is not lost on me – but I tried ‘package’ and that was just as bad!)

Anyway, on to the saving of lives… At the end of the class, a little girl approached me. She wore a long sleeve shirt UNDER her school uniform and by her frame I could tell she hadn’t hit puberty yet. The look on her face was a combination of shock and relief.

She said, “I had no idea tampons contain synthetic fibers,” as she pulled a medical alert necklace out from inside her shirt. She was so allergic to the mere touch of synthetics on her skin that she had to wear a cotton shirt under her polyester uniform.

Imagine what that would do touching the most absorbent part of her body.

If she hadn’t been in that class that day, her first ‘moon’ could very possibly have been her last. I’ve never felt quite as sure that I was ‘meant’ to be somewhere as I was that day.