Dear Disney, Maybe We Can Get Back Together… November 25 2013

We’ve had a rough couple of years. I should have left you long ago, but maybe it’s time to talk.

I just saw Frozen with my daughter. (Moderate spoiler alert: no plot points, but a general storyline is revealed.) Seeing a limited release screening is exciting and it means there’s been no social media buzz and no preconceived notions. So I went with both hope and hesitation.

Disney, it’s no secret that your history of princess portrayal has been a huge problem for our relationship. Let’s face it. You were a jerk and I was pissed. But then you came through in a big way with Brave, so I decided to give you a second chance. You were even rewarded by the Academy. So I was hurt that you tried to change Merida’s image with the doll afterward. But I think you know that was wrong. We all slip up, right?

You must’ve known you’re skating on thin ice with me – you made your follow up about ice!

As I sat through the first 15 minutes of Frozen, I almost cried in my popcorn. I thought about literally leaving. And this time for good.

How could you do this to me? Had you learned nothing from Merida? You made it all about a guy? Again!?!?!

But you were so obvious and on-the-nose about it, I wondered if you were just teasing me (and you did throw in the sister relationship, and a fable about hiding your powers), so I stayed.

And you came through with a great twist.

Your direct message of rooting the story in women’s relationships with themselves and with each other, rather than revolving around men, was loud and clear. And I knew you did it just for me. To save our relationship. So, thank you.

Now, we do still have our issues… the girls figures are still ridiculously skinny. Yeah, Elsa might have hips but there’s nowhere to fit her intestines and spleen. And why so whitewashed? Just because it’s a Scandanavian setting, doesn’t mean you can’t make the visitors come from all walks of life. It IS make believe for crying out loud, you can do whatever you want.

So you still gotta get better at the body image thing, and diversity. But I can see you’re trying and I think we can work it out in therapy.


Your Partner
(in raising kids to believe that girls matter)