Are Organic Tampons BROWN?! November 25 2013

Since launching an organic tampon company I’ve gotten lots of questions about what exactly that means.

Do they have an applicator? yes.
Are they brown? no.
Are they disposable? yes.
Do they absorb as well? yes.

They look and feel the same. They work the same. They are the way tampons probably started out, before cheaper materials entered the market. Just a guess.

Organic tampons are exactly like ‘regular’ cardboard applicator tampons (we don’t use plastic since about 170,000 of those show up on US coastlines) only none of the crap.

They do NOT contain what many major brands contain:
- chlorine
- pesticides
- rayon
- dioxins
- SAPs (super absorbent powders)

Those brands are the only option on the shelves of every national retailers in the US (except WholeFoods).

Trader Joe’s and Target used to carry an organic option, but they discontinued them. Why? Because women weren’t buying them. Why not? Because they didn’t know the difference, and why would anyone pay $2 more for a new no-name brand when they can pay less for the brand they’ve trusted for 20 years. And there’s the word: trust. Don’t. Do your research.

Splurge (about $3 more a month) on the peace of mind that you’re treating your insides to something natural instead of chemical. It’s a very small price. And I promise you – no other brand of tampon cares more about you than Anea & I! xo