Warning: Mensturation Isn’t Socially Acceptable! January 21 2014

Dear S.A.C. company,

Can you please send me a Socially Acceptable Containment bag designed for cleaning up brain matter? Because my business partner found this in the restroom of a local restaurant, and her head just exploded.


Socially Unacceptable Shelli


I’m not sure what was wrong with using that box on the wall with the waxy brown bags, or if maybe women have been throwing their used feminine products on the floor willy nilly, but apparently someone is concerned about the political correctness of the women’s bathroom.

I know. It’s just a bag. Big deal.

Except it implies there’s something socially unacceptable going on, not to mention the word ‘containment’ by definition suggests that it’s harmful. But what’s actually ‘dangerous’ about this scenario is the misconception it gives to women that menstrual blood is dirty.


Think about it – how would men feel, if every time they ejaculated, they needed to call in a hazmat team to take care of the clean up.

The S.A.C. isn’t the only culprit. 73% of the messages girls receive from their own mothers about menstruation are negative.*

I know having a period isn’t always the most convenient, and joyous part of being female, but it IS kind of awesome when you break it down, so here are a few positive things to keep in mind:

- Menstrual blood is being researched for it’s stem cell properties and believed to hold the key to curing Alzheimer’s, stroke, and other diseases.

- Historians believe the menstrual cycle was likely the catalyst for the first calendars.

- The ebb and flow of hormones shifting throughout the month is what allows women to be creative, intuitive and insightful. (The phrase women’s intuition didn’t come from nowhere.)

- Knowing our cycle allows women to capitalize on exact days when pain tolerance is highest, verbal skills are sharp, and more.

- And well… it’s something women can do that men can’t ; )



*Costcos, Ackerman & Paradis, 2002