How to Celebrate

When a girl gets her First Moon, the event is often kept a secret. The message that secrecy sends is that this fundamental part of being female is shameful. If we want to improve the way a girl or woman feels about herself, we have to change this. We have to go from just tolerating, to celebrating our cycles.

Imagine how much better a girl would feel if her first period were anticipated as a happy rite of passage. First Moon celebrations can have a profound effect on self esteem and body image.

A few ways to celebrate:
- Give her flowers.
- Make or go to a special dinner – invite mom, dad, siblings.
- Make a scrap book of letters from women in her family.
- Plan a First Moon party that will be both fun and memorable.

For more suggestions on how to plan a celebration, see The Essential Guide to Understanding and Loving Your Cycle in our Starter Kit.

Celebration Gift

Celebrating a girl’s First Moon is the most wonderful gift of all. If you’d also like to give her something to keep and wear proudly, we offer our exclusive TrueMoon® ring designed by celebrity designer, Suzanne Wilson, in a variety of metals.

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First Moon Keepsake

Getting your First Moon is a rite of passage that connects us all. We welcome you with this keepsake to frame or for your scrapbook to remember fondly. The artist, Heather Pasqualino Weirich, created the painting for TrueMoon and we will personalize it with your details. Fill in your name and date of your First Moon (or leave blank) and enter your redemption code and mailing address to receive your personal keepsake.