Learn about your cycle

Women have known for thousands of years that there is a connection between menstrual and moon cycles. We also now know, through scientific research, about the effects of our daily hormonal changes and how they affect energy, brain function and mood. Understanding your cycle is the first step to taking advantage of your strengths and really loving your own body.

This eco-friendly dry erase chart and pen comes with every Starter Kit. It allows you to track your cycle and allows you to follow the four menstrual phases you go through each month. Helpful tips are printed right on the chart so you have daily reminders to help you understand, balance and make the most of your hormonal shifts. More in depth detail is provided in The Essential Guide to Understanding and Loving Your Cycle, which also comes in the Kit.

This easy to use chart outlines:

Week 1: Menstrual Phase – This begins the first day of your period. All three hormones are at their lowest. Mood begins to rise by day 3.
Week 2: Estrogen Phase – Estrogen & Testosterone rise along with energy, upbeat mood and clearer mind. Ovulation usually happens between days 12 and 16.
Week 3: Progesterone Phase – The other hormones decrease as Progesterone rises. This will have a calming effect on mood and intuition heightens.
Week 4: Pre-Menstrual Phase – Around day 24 all hormones will drop and sensitivity is at its peak. This is ME time.
***This is just a sample of the kinds of information printed on the actual chart, along with tips and fun facts about each phase.