Why Organic?

You’d never EAT a plateful of dioxins, pesticides, chlorine and rayon. But if you’re using conventional tampons, you’re doing something even worse than that every month.  Since chemicals absorbed through internal tissues do not metabolize in the digestive system, they can reach the bloodstream quicker and at more potent levels than eating them.

Ever wonder what your insides are absorbing?

Most major brands of tampons are made with wood pulp and synthetic fibers and use a chlorine bleaching process, which leaves a by-product called dioxin. The FDA “recommends” that tampons be free of pesticides and dioxins, but doesn’t make it mandatory. And the EPA states NO level of dioxin exposure should be considered safe. When you consider that the average woman will use about 12,000 tampons in her lifetime… well, we think it’s a good idea to stick with only 100% organic cotton.

(We also only use cardboard applicators, which helps keep those plastic applicators out of our oceans and off our beaches.)

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